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The holster and mag carrier are attached with a flexible thick leather strap that torques with you as you move providing the ultimate AIWB Holster compared to a single fixed system | All holsters are hand made, made to order in the USA! | Customizable for multiple carry configurations while maintaining a full firing grip prior to draw so you can carry your firearm the way you want to | Carry Comfortably, Confidently, and Covertly!

PRECISION: MIE Productions uses membrane-less vacuum forming using CNC molds | Made to your precise gun model to create the perfect fitting holster

CONFIDENCE: Has an audible "click" every time you holster your gun, assuring you that your gun is confidently in place | Made with slim, lightweight, 0.080 Kydex that is strong and durable | Holds its shape for safety and easy re-holstering

BELT CLIP: Choose your belt clip combination | Fits belts up to 1.50" with adjustable ride height and angle

OPTICS READY: Optic / RDS (Red Dot Sight) and allows clearance for suppressor height sights up to 0.365”

ADJUSTABLE: Includes extra hardware to adjust retention for the perfect fit and consistent draw

COMFORT: Fully covers the trigger, controls, and rear of the slide (full sweat guard) | Providing safety and a smooth snag free draw | Comfort you can wear all day, everyday | Light Bearing Holsters require an opening for the light to pass through

CONCEALMENT: The concealment claw helps push the gun into the body reducing "printing" and increasing concealment

CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize and personalize your gear


Kydex Color
  • Listed items ship within 1 to 5 Business Days

    Custom Orders ship within 5 to 6 Weeks

    Once your order is complete, you will receive a notification with the tracking information

    Lead times may vary, message us for more information

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