Flashlight Holster

Flashlight Holster

MIE Productions offers high quality EDC Gear for all your EDC needs. All Flashlight Holsters are handmade in the U.S.A.!


MIE Production Flashlight Holsters are designed to provide maximum convenience allowing you to carry your Flashlight IWB or OWB. Carry Comfortably, Confidently, and Covertly.


  • Each Flashlight Holster is handmade in the USA! Best Holster Guaranteed!
  • Can be worn IWB or OWB. Carry Comfortably, Confidently, and Covertly.
  • Made from 0.080 Kydex that will stand up to whatever your workplace demands.
  • Built-in retention to keep your flashlight on your hip.
  • No more fumbling around with a worn out pockets.
  • Add a Custom Logo to your Belt Clip!
  • Lead Times

    Listed items ship within 1-3 Business Days. Once your order is complete, you will receive a notification with the Tracking Information.

  • Customize your Dip Can

    Personalize your Flashlight Holster with MIE Productions Custom Kydex. Examples of Custom offerings!

  • Holster Customizations

    Holster Customization request will not be fullied unless the proper modifications have been added to the order. Failure to add the proper modificaitons could delay production of your order.

PriceFrom $35.00
Kydex Color