MIE Productions Holster are designed with minimum bulk and maximum concealment for concealed carry. Our unique design allows for multiple carry positions while maintaining a full firing grip prior to draw. All MIE Productions holsters are Handmade in the USA and are customizable so you can carry your firearm the way you want to.


  • For holsters that have the Recover Tactical or Six Axis/Tactical Development Rails without a light attached.
  • Belt Clip fits belts up to 1.5" with Adjustable Ride Height and Retention for the perfect fit.
  • The optional Concealment Claw sits behind your belt and helps push the grip inward to reduce printing when carrying Appendix style Inside the Waistband.
  • MIE Productions Holster holsters are made with 0.080 Kydex for superior durability and flex prevention.


Items pictured in the example images other than the holster are not included in purchase.

IWB Holster - w/ Rail Attachment

Sweat Guard
  • If your firearm supported but does not appear in the drop down menus, please order it as "unlisted" and add a note to the cart. Please refer to our Supported Guns and Options page for a list of all our supported guns, lights, rails, and options.

  • Choose from a wide selection of Belt Clips to customize your Holster!

    Tuckable IWB, FOMI, UltiClip, Soft Loops, and more!


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