MIE Productions holsters are designed with minimum bulk and maximum concealment for concealed carry. Carry comfortably, covertly, and confidently. Allows for multiple carry positions while maintaining a full firing grip prior to draw. 


  • Each holster is handmade, made to order, and is molded specifically for your gun and light allowing you to carry Comfortably, Covertly, and Confidently.
  • Made with slim, lightweight, 0.080 Kydex that is strong and durable. Holds its shape for safety and easy one hand re-holstering.
  • Features a Full Sweat Guard that fully covers the trigger and backside of gun, providing safety, and helps prevent sweat on your gun slide.
  • The Belt Clips fits belts up to 1.5" with adjustable angle (cant), ride height, and retention for the perfect fit.

  • The Concealment Claw helps push the grip inward to reduce printing.


Pistol seen in example images not included with purchase.

Octo Light Bearing Holster - 8 Holsters in 1

Sweat Guard
  • Your Oct Holster will come with a Pallet (matches the color of your holster) that has all the neccisary hardware and belt clips. Choose the configuration you desire and install them yourself.

    Customize your holster even more with our Custom Kydex Colors or Custom Fabric Wrapped Kydex! 


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