"Reload" Appendix Inside the Waistband holsters provide a complete and discrete setup for concealed carry. Combines the IWB holster with a Speedloader carrier while maintaining a slim, concealable profile. Front and back side color of the holster are customizable with a wide variety of colors. Finishing washers will match the backside color. Want a different washer color? Send us an email or message and we'll work out the details with you!


MIE Production Holsters are designed to provide maximum concealment.

- Slim Lightweight 0.080 Thick Kydex

- Tuckable AIWB

- One Handed Holstering

- Belt Clip Fits belts up to 1.5" with Adjustable Retention and Ride Height (With Standard Clip)


MIE Production Holsters allows you to customize the way you want to carry. The Belt Clip can be adjusted for deep concealment or combat grip.


MIE Production Holsters offer an open muzzle design, preventing lint from building up at the muzzle. This makes cleaning your holster a breeze. The trigger guard is cut in order to prevent holster bite during drawing and reholstering. We use 0.80 Kydex for superior durability and flex prevention.


Items pictured in the example images other than the holster are not included in purchase.

"Reload" AIWB Holster - Revolvers

Front Side Color
Backside Color
Sweat Guard
  • Please specify the Speedloader you wish to use. The Default used will be HKS for your gun. If you are using a different Brand, we need to know. We will do our best to accomidate. If we do not have your brand, we may need to you mail one of yours or take measurements to exact fit. Message us for more details

  • Choose from a wide selection of Belt Clips to customize your Holster!

    Tuckable IWB, FOMI, UltiClip, Soft Loops, and more!


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