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Submit a Warranty and Service Claim

In order to expedite your warranty claim, please fill out the below web page fully as your complete information will allow faster processing. You will receive a warranty claim ticket number by return email within one to three days of your submission, excluding weekends and holidays, along with further info or next steps.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty. Things not covered include:

  • Eyelet/Rivet or hardware (belt clips, screws/binding post) finish wear.

  • Intentional or reckless damage from the customer.

  • Cracked or breaks along stress points. It will crack if too much pressure is applied, such as over tightening of your belt, etc.

  • Fabric peeling.

  • Dog chewed it.

  • Discontinued products.

  • Leaving it in your car on a hot summer day.

  • ANY modifications made by the customer.


Please await this claim number should you have need to contact us. Thank you for contacting MIE Productions and our Customer Service team.

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