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MIE Productions OWB Belt Clip Installation

First inspect the package, be sure you have all the correct parts.

You should have 1 set of Belt Clips, 4 Slotted Post, 4 Rubber Gourmets, and 4 Screws. (Finishing Washers no longer included nor required for installation.)


Step 1:

Insert the Slotted Posts into the backside of the Belt Clip.


Step 2:

Attach the Rubber Gourmets to the Slotted Posts on the other side of the Belt Clip.


Step 3:

Attach the Belt Clip to the backside of the holster.


Step 4:

Insert the Screw through the reassessed area, keeping the flat part down. 


Step 5:

Screw onto holster from front side into the Slotted Post. Use the holes on the holster to adjust Ride Height and cant, angle.

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