Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your current lead time?

A: We are currently on a 4 to 8 Weeks lead time. Occasionally, some of our most popular items will ship sooner. Custom orders and Custom order Kydex may take longer. Click here for more details.

Q: How do I take advantage of the LEO and Military and Veterans discount?

A: Attach a picture of your credentials to and we will supply you with the discount code.

Q: What is your warranty on the holsters? 

A: We offer a lifetime limited warranty. Things not covered include:

  • Eyelet/Rivet or hardware (screws/binding post) finish wear.

  • Intentional or reckless damage from the customer.

  • Fabric peeling.

  • Dog chewed it.

Q: I don't see my gun or magazine in your list, can you still make me a holster? 

A: Yes, and no.


Q: FOMI? Dual Clip? Claw? I've never heard of some of these belt clip types before. What is the difference?

        A: For most everyday carry most people will be content with standard inside the waistband belt clips. We use standard closed loop outside the waistband clips for our OWB holsters. both fit any 1.5" or 1.75" Inch belts. For those seeking the most out of their holster we offer a variety of different clip options both on website and by request:

  • The IWB FOMI clip is wider and a provides more spring tension to better secure the holster. While more secure than standard clips you cannot adjust the ride height of the clip like our standard tuckable IWB clip. You can adjust the cant/angle of the holster by changing the FOMI clips position however.

  • Dual clip designs are usually for IWB appendix carry. The use of two standard tuckable IWB clips better secures the holster. This makes the holster very secure and significantly reduces printing on clothing. Just make sure its in the right spot, there is no subtle way to adjust a dual clip holster when its inside your waistband. Holster angle and ride height can be changed by adjust one or both of the belt clips to your desired position.

  • Paddle clips are OWB clips that are wide and concave to fit around the body . This clip goes over the waistband and is simple to put on and take off compared to the standard closed loop design. Great if you use particularly thick belts.

  • Speedease are OWB clips that feature a non-belt weave attachment. As the name implies, it is easy to take on and off. Fits any 1.5" inch belt. 1.75" are available upon request.

  • We also can make holsters with QLS accommodations for those using the Safariland® Quick Locking System. we do not include the paddle. The QLS allows for quick transfer of gear between attachment points such as a belt loop, tactical leg shroud or other stable platform. 

  • Concealment claws are not clips but an added piece that provides more tension to the waistband to reduce printing on clothing.

  • Don't see an option that you need? send us an message or email and we'll work out the details with you!

Q: My holster is too tight, should I send it back?

       A: We send a packet of hardware with all our holsters. These can be swapped out and adjusted however you wish. The screws can be adjusted and removed with a common Phillips screwdriver. If you cannot find the right adjustment or tightness feel free to contact us so we can address the issue .

Q: My holster has this ugly label sticker on it...

A: The stickers are used by the staff to identify your order through the entire process of manufacturing and the final stages of shipping. It's okay to peel it off.

Q: How do I take care of my kydex gear? 

A: Mild soap and water will do the trick. Kydex is very smooth on the inside so it won't wear the finish of your gun off like leather but all holsters will wear the finish on firearms. Keep your kydex clean so it will not wear the finish of your gun as much.

Q: How do I install my OWB Belt Clips? 



Q: Do you have images of all the different color options? 


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